Dec 19th

In light of Christmas being right around the corner I thought I would share my list of “must-haves” this holiday season. This is a totally random of selection of things I am currently obsessed with. Enjoy!

the selby

duck boots
Picture 1

organic cotton duvet cover

nerd glasses

fired up (the stupidest/funniest movie ever)

chucks (classic. cool. always in stlye.)
Black Chuck Taylor Low tops

chic duffle bag overnighter
local animal rescues
Apollo 12 13 2010
this rug
this little girls outfit
or this girls bangs
ahhh, the list could go on and on. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Tram : ( Dec 20th - 19:20 ) I\'m sooooo getting the organic cotton duvet cover!   mANDY c : ( Dec 20th - 13:41 ) lOVELY GIFT OPTIONS  Sarah Dobert : ( Dec 20th - 13:22 ) I want the Selby book too! 
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Dec 09th

HOLA! I am out of the office at Astrid and Fred’s destination wedding in beautiful Mexico. I will get back to all messages/emails mid-week next week.
Adios muchachos.

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