Sep 15th

I am always asked by my clients for more photos of sample albums and what I offer, so here you go! I work with Leather Craftsmen exclusively, and am always pleased with their custom bookbinding, cover options, and gorgeous printing. I met my DC area rep the other day and got to check out a lot more of their customized options which made me want to order 5 more sample albums. (Hi Joe!)

Here is a little sampling of some of my sample albums and past clients albums. I love how every client really shows off their personality with their cover choice, so fun!

12×12 Photo plate cover with a black leather spine
8×10 Leather cover in Pewter with silver imprinting
8×10 Japanese book-cloth cover in Marine with black imprinting
11×14 Black leather with branded lettering
10×10 Black leather with cover photo and branded imprinting
10×12 Metallic fabric cover with a black leather spine and inset photo
12x10 two-tone-leather-album-cover-
How will you customize YOUR wedding/guestbook/boudoir album?

Joseph Fiore Jr : ( Nov 16th - 08:38 ) Fantastic looking albums!! Thanks for the plug. (Hi Kate!!)  Tram : ( Nov 4th - 17:34 ) These seriously look amazing. I cannot wait to get ours!!  Lisa K : ( Oct 22nd - 10:18 ) I can\'t wait to get our guestbook for our wedding! Thanks Kate! 
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